Flirtation GiftBox

My father made all the creative decisions in our home, top to bottom, inside and out, big and small.  My mother sat calmly by, reading her book, taking no notice, as the whirling dervish, that was David Hicks, rampaged through, spinning ever faster.
The only time she let loose creatively, was wrapping any present. Suddenly Lady Pamela became the Jay Z of wrappers. Up out of the sofa, hip hopping on down to Harrods. She would fill those famous green and gold shopping bags with rolls & rolls of ribbons and papers and teeny tiny cards. Locked in her bedroom she would get down to business, snipping, cutting, fixing, meticulously curled ribbons, shockingly flat edges, complementary color schemes, not a wrinkle in sight.
Presentation was everything. With that in mind I have created these gift boxes, big and small. All that is left for you to do is to give it to a loved one.

The gift box contains one each of

-Hand Wash - Casuarina - 10 oz

-Hand Lotion - Casuarina - 10 oz 
*Ships within US only