About India hicks

India was born in London, and comes from both British and design royalty. She, however, chose a slightly surprising path for herself, and now lives on a small island in the Bahamas, with her partner and their five children. Unencumbered by tradition, India has made bold life choices that inspire women to join her in the pursuit of an extraordinary life.

India Hicks is a Direct Sales business. Our collections of bags, beauty and accessories are crafted with the highest attention to detail, in partnership with some of the best workshops and factories in the world. We like to call our collections 'attainable luxury.' What sets each item apart is that each one carries its own story. Our Ambassadors share these stories at events called Get Togethers, where they do just that, with friends old and new, building a strong, solid business, without having to ever go to an office again.

Our exclusive collections of well-crafted gifts, beauty, bags and accessories are designed by India and made with world-class design partners. The collections are inspired by India's British heritage, island life, and madcap daydreams, and every piece has a story, so they're perfect for sharing. We release new products every couple of months, so there will always be something new to keep your customers interested.

We call our collections "attainable luxury." Our prices range from $16-$480, and over half of the collection falls under $100. We are proud that we're able to offer these price points on beautifully crafted products. It helps that sales are done from the home - once a customer sees and feels the quality in person, they understand the value of what they're getting.

Our Ambassadors have an adventurous spirit, they're ready to jump in feet first. They are also savvy, sophisticated women who have already done quite a bit - whether that means a career, family, charities, school, or all of the above. And whether they're 18 or 80, living in Alaska or Florida, they've come to IH to be part of something new.

That's our Good Luck Beetle. The beetle is a welcome visitor in India's Bahamian home, and he continues to bring our tribe much good luck.

Yes, as she likes to say, she was the one with the bad haircut.

How it works

An Ambassador is an entrepreneur. She is building her own lifestyle business, in her own time and on her own terms. We simply provide the brand, collection, tools and support.

Get Togethers are events organized by our Ambassadors where they do just that: get together with friends old and new. They're not about pushing sales (though they do end up selling quite a bit), they are about sharing stories and having fun. They come in all shapes and sizes, from morning coffee run to poker night; and are typically hosted by friends (or friends-of-friends-of-friends) of an Ambassador.

NOPE. That's the beauty of our business... We are running it from the heart of the home.

Anytime, anywhere... on the road, on holiday, at home, over Skype - the sky's the limit. It's up to you, but you'll likely end up selling in a few different ways, which include (but aren't limited to)... hosted Get Togethers (where you're sharing the collection with several people at one event), personal shopping appointments and online (via your personal replicated IH website).

You'll certainly want to have an online presence and groove with social media to expand your network and promote your business. But you'll most likely find that Get Togethers are the best platforms for both generating sales and making connections for hosting, and/or joining your team. And they're super-efficient - it just makes sense to be in front of several people at a time.

Certainly! This is another really good part of the business. Based on the Starter Kit you choose, you'll get a certain number of half off item credits earned right away. Plus, Ambassadors get a 25% discount on all items that they purchase for themselves (i.e. displays or personal use). PLUS, we give product credits based on your sales that you can use for samples.

You don't have to, but you're probably going to want to. There are no "quotas" to meet, and no pressure from us. However, we've found that our most successful Ambassadors are those who strive for consistent activity. And we are here to support you in reaching whatever goals you set for yourself.

Absolutely not, now that would be asking too much. Rest assured that all products are direct-shipped from the company to your customer, so, with the exception of any samples you choose to buy, no inventory is necessary.

We encourage it, as it will play a big part in making your business a success. Would you jump into a pool without taking some lessons? We provide training in a few different forms...

In other words, we've got your back.

We're asked this question a lot, and the honest answer is... It really doesn't matter. You're going to know different people. You're going to run your businesses differently. And we're all in this together, so our Ambassadors all support one another, no matter where they are.

We'll be here to help every step of the way. You'll have the support of your Leader, and our online resources. Your leader will guide you through everything from the invitation process to setting up your display. And Base Camp, our online Ambassador training has quite a few modules that are dedicated to your first Get Togethers, such as Kick Start Your Business, Let's Get Together, and Pimp Your Collection. In any situation, we'll always make sure there's a life raft on hand.


You'll want to invest in a Starter Kit to launch your collection. We offer three kinds, so it's really up to you to choose. Whether you choose the The Baby ($99), The Booty ($449), or The Big Kahuna ($749), you'll have everything you'll need to get your business buzzing. Each kit comes with a mini-collection of pre-selected items (priced at more than 60% below retail), as well as all the materials you'll need to launch your new business (catalogues, order forms, marketing brochures, and fabric swatches).

The only required cost is a $12.95 monthly subscription. This provides you with your very own replicated website, and also gives you access to our online "Back Office" system, which includes training modules, imagery, and an entire library of resources. (Think about it... all that for $12.95? That's a lot of bang for your buck.)

So happy you asked, because this is the good bit. You'll earn 25% commission on every product you sell. Plus, once you start building a team of your own you'll earn bonuses on their sales.

Everything about your business is up to you - but typically, it's as long as it takes to hold your first few Get Togethers. You may decide to hold 2 to 3 Get Togethers in your first few days, or decide that a few over a couple of weeks may suit you better. The sooner you jump in, the sooner you'll begin building your business. And either way, you'll have plenty of support to help you succeed at your own pace. Our average new Ambassador has sales of over $1,400 in their first 40 days. (That means $350 in commission - aka in your pocket.)(1)

It is entirely up to you. Whether you'd like to have "just a little something extra," or a "significant bump," you set the stage for your potential earnings.
Our Ambassadors typically sell $1,000 in retail sales at each Get Together, and hold at least one per month (1). You earn 25% on your personal sales - no quotas, no maximum or minimum. You can also earn a bonus of 6-10%(2) of sales from those you enroll (based on your rank).
Take a look at what you could be making, both on your own and with a team...

# Get Togethers Income Potential # Personally Sponsored Ambassadors w/ Same # Get Togethers(3) TOTAL Income Potential
1 $250 1(8%) $306
2 $500 2(8%) $724
3 $750 3(10%) $1,380
4 $1,000 4(10%) $2,120

Please note that potential earnings from India Hicks involvement, if any, are based on a variety of factors including the amount of time pursuing the opportunity, interpersonal skills, personal drive and market demand.

  1. Average Get Together value was $1,082 for the 12-month period between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. An Ambassador with at least $1 in sales in a given month had an average of 1.01 Get Together per calendar month in the same period.
  2. Bonuses are earned on 70% of retail value.
  3. For Directors and above, the average number of Get Together of their downline was 7.0 per month from July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016. Associate Directors and above (requirement is at least 2 personally sponsored ambassadors) earn 10% bonus on their Level 1; Senior Ambassadors (requirement is at least 1 personally sponsored ambassador) earn 8% bonus on their Level 1.


Most of our Ambassadors are new to Direct Sales, and find that it's not at all what they were expecting. These Ambassadors are savvy women who have already done quite a bit: had a career, raised a family, survived the fashion catastrophe that was the 1980s. Now they find themselves looking for something new, something entrepreneurial but without the sleepless nights and financial risk. We provide that opportunity.

No experience is necessary. In fact, most of our Ambassadors were new to this model when they joined, and now they're rocking it. We take great pride in providing you with all of the support and resources you'll need to build a business.

Many Ambassadors felt like that to begin with. But once you begin to think of everyone in your address book (your college roommate, the new friend from book club, the person who cuts your hair, etc.), you'll be surprised at how long that list is. And your business will really have potential to grow as you start getting introduced to the people in their address books. Since there are no territories (i.e. you have no geographic limits or restrictions), you can have customers (and build a team) anywhere in the U.S. So don't worry about who you don't know... Focus on who you do know (no matter how small you think your circle is right now) who might like the IH collection, and you'll start to see just how far this could take you.

As women, we tend to take everything on, so most of our Ambassadors started out wondering this exact thing. But what we hear most often after just a few weeks is that not only have they found the time, but that being an Ambassador allows them to focus and organize other aspects of their lives in a better way.

Not a problem. Just tell us, and we'll cancel your account - no hard feelings. India Hicks also offers an inventory repurchase program, so if you decide to leave the company, we will buy back all marketable inventory, sales materials, kits and tools at not less than 90 percent of your original net cost for up to a year after you join. But you'll never know if you don't try...